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Introducing the stunning 3 Gallon Yucca Yellow Color Guard – an eye-catching addition to any garden or indoor space. This unique Yucca variety is a special ornamental plant known for its striking yellow and green sword-shaped leaves, which add a pop of color to any setting.

This yucca is also a low-maintenance plant, making it perfect for both experienced gardeners and those new to plant care. Yucca Yellow Color Guard is a hardy and drought-tolerant plant, requiring minimal watering and care. This hardy yucca is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, thriving in various light and temperature conditions.

Whether it’s for a patio, garden, or interior space, this Yucca variety brings a touch of elegance and brightness to any area. Add this stunning 3 Gallon Yucca Yellow Color Guard to your plant collection for a unique and low-maintenance addition that will surely impress.

3 Gal Yucca - Yellow Color Guard

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