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ACTUAL PLANT POTTED SHOWN IN PICTURE - The Fairy Tale Castle Cactus aka (Acanthocereus tetragonus )is a truly enchanting succulent that captivates with its  mystical charm. This rare and special plant earns its name from its unique growth habit, which resembles the turrets and towers of a medieval fairy tale castle, complete with intricate ridges and spires.


ABOUT FAIRYTAIL CASTLE CACTUS & GROWTH-  It's a prized addition to any plant collection is its rarity and distinctive beauty. The plant features multiple branching stems that grow upright, forming a striking silhouette reminiscent of a fantastical fortress straight out of a storybook. Each stem is adorned with rows of small, pointed leaves or spines, adding to its fairy tale-like allure. Please note that this is a slow growing plant and can reach up to 6 feet tall.




- Light: Provide bright, indirect sunlight. (A sunny windowsill or a spot with filtered sunlight indoors is ideal). Outdoors, ensure it receives partial to full sunlight, especially in regions with mild climates.


- Soil: In well-draining soil formulated for cacti and succulents. A mix of sandy soil with perlite or pumice works well to ensure proper drainage and prevent waterlogging.


- Watering: Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, then water thoroughly, ensuring excess water drains away. During the active growing season (spring and summer) water more frequently but reduce watering in fall and winter.



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FULL FairyTail Castle Cactus - 6" potted RARE CACTUS

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